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17th of January 2018


Does Your Business Need Telemarketing?


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Telemarketing can be a powerful tool for generating leads and business. However, it’s definitely not right for every business. Long gone are the days of telemarketers strictly cold calling potential clients and customers. Today, telemarketing is a multifaceted tool that comes in a lot of different forms that can benefit both customers and business owners. Today, telemarketers are used for a myriad of things like appointment setting, credit control, event promotion, and even market research.

If you’ve been wondering for a while whether or not telemarketing services can benefit your company, keep reading for different instances where telemarketing can help your business reach new heights.

You need help generating new leads.

A lot of businesses, particularly new businesses, struggle to generate new leads that actually convert into paid clients or customers. Telemarketing bridges this gap by communicating directly to the potential lead about your product or services in a way that allows for questions and answers. While many marketers today stress the importance of email marketing, there is something to be said for the power of telemarketing in attracting new potential clients when used properly.

Your business needs a procedure for following up with leads.

While your business might be great with generating new leads, you might still fall short when it comes to following up at the right time and in the right way. Failing to follow up correctly after learning about a new lead or receiving a question can lead to losing that client’s business altogether.

This is why it’s essential for businesses to create a clear procedure for following up with any and all potential leads in a way that finds new opportunities and builds trust. A telemarketing service with experience in building businesses will be able to help with creating a procedure that works.

Your business has a range of other marketing strategies.

If your business already has a large range of marketing strategies, you might think you don’t need to invest in quality telemarketing. However, telemarketing can actually increase the success of your other marketing strategies by boosting awareness. For instance, if you have an important sales webinar coming up, your telemarketing team can voice this to potential clients in a way that encourages participation.

You have an unorganized client database.

A lot of companies are quick to collect client information, but they fail to organize this information properly. This information often becomes obsolete or out of date relatively quickly, which can lead to poor conversion rates if this information is used improperly for a potential client. Telemarketers are responsible for cleaning databases by confirming information with current or potential customers to make sure your company has the most recent, accurate information on file.

Your business wants to build a relationship with clients.

A strong telemarketing team can add a much needed human component to a business. When you perform the bulk of your marketing from behind a computer screen, clients can easily forget that your business is a group of people. Telemarketers act as the voice of a business, and they can communicate directly with clients and potential clients about any questions or appointment issues in a way that retains your company’s humanity. In the age of computers, this human aspect is vital and can make a significant impact on the reputation of your business.

Telemarketing can be a powerful tool.

Most business owners are surprised to learn just how beneficial telemarketing can be when it comes to building a solid relationship with clients, generating leads, and even handling organizational issues. More and more companies are turning to telemarketing to bolster their marketing efforts, and this will only increase as people continue to find ways to bridge the gaps between humans and technology in business.

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