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19th of January 2018


Best Tools For Managing Your Client’s Public Relations

Best Tools For Managing Your Client’s Public Relations

The right public relations strategy can propel your business into the spotlight — and not just any spotlight, but your target spotlight. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the true meaning of PR and often compare it to advertising. However, it’s a completely different ballgame. Public relations is labor intensive, but can provide the best return for your marketing budget if you have the right tools and resources.

At a glance, the PR industry is much more personal, and involves creating long-lasting relationships with different journalists, bloggers, and various influencers. While most people are aware of the myriad of digital marketing tools at your disposal, a decent chunk of public relations tools aren’t as well known. Here are the best PR tools for you and your clients:

1. MuckRack

MuckRack is one of the most reliable and well-known PR tools around. Professionals can use it to search for journalists based on the type of material they cover, interests, location, and more. There are several ways to get the most from MuckRack: rather than sort through your news feed or stay on top of a handful of media blasts, MuckRack will tell you when journalists you’ve shown interest in have moved onto other positions at different companies. Reporters have even found that they have better success pitching through the platform. With a MuckRack pro plan, you can even build media lists, track your social progress, and set up media monitoring emails.

2. Advantage – Media Planning Software

With media planning software, all your media management is housed under one roof. Advantage’s Media buying software is a comprehensive platform that provides broadcast research, flexible media planning, and broadcast worksheets and RFPs that support spot TV and radio. These tools can work in a myriad of ways. For example, users with a Nielsen subscription have access to local TV and radio ratings data and can use that information to make better buying decisions. Within the platform, you can also make quick, customizable media orders for all types of media and set up automatic, recurring orders.

3. Coverage Book

The Coverage Book tool behaves similar to a portfolio of sorts. With it, you can simply input the URL of a piece of coverage or upload it manually to create a full book of campaign results. This not only allows you to keep track of your efforts, but to use it for future employment or contract negotiations. Through the main dashboard, you can see the combined views across all coverage efforts at a high-level overview, or hone in on specific pieces and their associated impressions. Users can create a new folder for each client and manage multiple campaigns at once.

4. Anewstip

Anewstip is like Google for journalist chatter. Users can search for journalists and other influencers who have recently mentioned a specific topic or industry. This is not to be confused with a standard Twitter search for two primary reasons: it knows the difference between the average person discussing a topic like media management and an editor discussing a topic like media management; and it searches across the web and other social channels.


Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a great tool for public relations professionals to get mentions in media, and behaves very much like a story matchmaker. The premise is simple: a reporter needs a reliable source for an article, and a publicist needs to connect their reliable clients to those reporters. Publicists can respond to reporters’ queries through HARO in hopes of getting a mention in their publication. Dozens of well-known outlets like Forbes, Huffington Post, CBS, Reader’s Digest, and many others use the platform to sculpt their stories. The service is completely free to both reporters and publicists. Once you’re signed up as a source, you’ll get three expansive emails per day, organized by category.

6. Blog Dash

Blog Dash has a tremendous database of influential bloggers, and it’s all at your fingertips once you’ve signed up. Set your own campaign goals and pitch lists, and reach out to bloggers directly from the platform. This is one of the best tools on the market for blogger outreach. These bloggers have opted into Blog Dash to connect with brands like yours that are most relevant to their audience. This helps your business or clients get in front of markets that matter most. Inc. magazine listed the platform alongside Cision as one of the better tools for finding the right media contacts.

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